My Zune 80 Original Has Arrived

Talk about service: My Zune 80 order from Zune Originals arrived direct from China five days early! The devices were shipped from Zhuhai, China on December 3 and arrived in Kirkland, WA on December 5, via FedEx. That’s amazing considering shipping & handling is included. (I can’t ship anything to Spokane, WA in 2 days for free.)

Opening a Zune 80 original is unlike any electronics experience I have ever had. The unboxing alone should secure the innovative Zune Originals a slot on Oprah’s Favorite Things—I don’t watch Oprah. :ashamed:

Here is a gallery of pictures I took during the opening ceremony.

TB was humored by the whole unboxing thing. She thinks I’m a nerd.

My first impressions of the new Zune experience (player software, desktop software and the physical device) have each been largely positive. I need to use the device for a while before reporting back on the overall good, bad and ugly.

Stay Zuned…

Apple iPhone/iPod 6G Compared to Microsoft Zune

To commemorate today’s release of the Microsoft Zune 2 digital media players, services and software, I present a feature matrix comparing all the Apple iPod 6th generation devices—including iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod nano—with the 1st and 2nd generation Zunes—Zune 80, Zune 30, Zune 8 and Zune 4.

The following table covers what I think are the most important features of a portable media device including screen size, storage capacity, screen resolution, height, width, depth, weight, battery life, connectivity options, interface, supported audio formats, supported video formats, available colors, and, of course, price.

There are several comparisons missing to keep the chart manageable (e.g., podcast support, size of music & video stores, Cover Flow, desktop software, etc.) However, I have included things many shoppers want to evaluate when choosing a device to playback music, video and pictures from various sources while on-the-go.

Zune 2 vs. iPod 6G Comparison classic touch iphone 160 80 8 4

Earlier, I stated “…Zune 80 sets a new standard for hard-drive based media players vs. iPod Classic.” This table shows why. Note the new Zune 8 & Zune 4 devices compare favorably to the latest iPod nanos as well.