New Parent Tip: Travel with a night light

Night light When traveling with a small child, parents often make due with sub-optimal accommodations relative to what is typically enjoyed in their homes. One case in point is the inadequate lighting often encountered in hotels and guest rooms that make it difficult for late-night/early-morning child care. What is desired is dim, unobtrusive ambient light. What is often provided are bright bedside lamps and harsh ceiling lights with inconveniently-located switches.

One inconsiderate solution involves turning on the ceiling or lamp lights at 3:27 AM to tend to one’s crying child. Babies and significant others love that. Non-green options include leaving the bathroom lights on overnight with the door slightly ajar. Neither of those options appealed to us.

After a quick trip to Target and $5 from the change jar, our travel kit is now equipped with an LED nightlight. After two states, ten days and a couple dozen late-night admittances to the Owen opera, I wholeheartedly recommend a night light when traveling with small kids. A small flashlight also works but remember where you put it and don’t forget the batteries.

World Tour 2007

U.S. Passport Between September 12 and October 19 I will be traveling to 7 cities in 6 countries on 4 continents. In order, I will visit Orlando, Tokyo, Munich, Portland, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Madrid. The only personal trip in the bunch is to South America to celebrate the 10-year wedding anniversary of some of our closest friends from school. We are also planning a vacation in Thailand around Thanksgiving.

Remember how I was worrying whether I would attain United 1K status again for 2008? Umm, let’s just say that will no longer be a problem with the travel planned between now and the rest of the year.

If all goes as planned, by the end of the year I will have increased my Countries Visited list to 25 — adding Sweden, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Thailand between May and November this year. Woohoo!