Owen Year Five: His first 1,826 days in 3,845 pictures

Owen has turned five. Here is a 56,000 x 42,000 (2.35 Gigapixel) mosaic, composed of 3,845 unique images, which captures his life from the moment he entered the world through his 5th birthday party.

Similar to the Owen Year One mosaic, I used his Year 5 picture as the source image.

Pinch to zoom, use your mouse wheel, or tap the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to view the individual images.

This mosaic was generated using AndreaMosaic Pro.

Owen at 5 Years

Owen reached the big 5 yesterday. He starts and ends each day like he is leading an epic adventure. He has a voracious curiosity about the world and can recall things he has observed with precision. He is an astute explorer, fascinated by the most obscure elements and with drawing connections in a manner many kids his age overlook. He is creative with words and sounds and enjoys coming up with new ways to interrelate words to create new songs. He has an inimitable sense of humor that allows him to “get” jokes and concoct shenanigans that make him a lot of fun to be around.

Owen likes being active and continues to participate in multiple extracurricular activities including yoga, karate, soccer, swimming, and learning Mandarin. We have traveled extensively as a family domestically and this year we made it to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

He’s still into superheroes on occasion but now he is really, really into Star Wars having watched all six episodes over the last year. His favorite characters are Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and General Grievous. Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only character on the light side of the Force whom Owen respects since, ironically, Obi-Wan battles all his favorite dark side characters amassing a very respectable win-loss record.

Owen at 5 Years
Owen at 5 Years

Owen at 4 Years

Owen turned 4 a few weeks back. He has both an insatiable curiosity and tremendous ingenuity.

He still enjoys soccer and is learning Mandarin. He loves building pretend structures with his toy tools and playing with his toy construction vehicles.

He has moved on from Disney/Pixar’s Cars franchise to superheroes (Spiderman, Batman, Captain America) and animated movies featuring animals (Dumbo, The Lion King, Ice Age, Madagascar).

Owen at 3 Years

Owen at 3 Years

Owen turned 3 this past Thursday. He has an amazing vocabulary, a wonderful personality, a great sense of humor, and a wealth of energy.

He enjoys soccer, playing with his toy cars, trains, airplanes and excavator. He loves reading all sorts of books. He is absolutely head-over-heels for anything related to Disney/Pixar’s Cars franchise including pajamas, Crocs™, scooter (with matching helmet, kneepads, elbow pads and gloves), and, of course, all the actual toy car characters from the movie.

I love this age.


Here is the headshot.