Winner: Name that onesie contest

The winner of the "Name that onesie contest" is: Tania. :party:

Below is the unedited photo showing the “nerd” and “turd” deciphering under the ASCII representations.


Tania received an Amazon gift certificate for winning.

Stay tuned for the next contest. You gotta play to win.

Nerds only: Name that onesie contest

Recently, I discovered Zazzle, an online apparel & merchandise store that allows you to order and sell custom products you design. And, like any excited father-to-be, I could barely contain my delight after finding the section for custom baby shirts and onesies. I’m not much of a graphic designer but I am very much a computer nerd. The idea that I can create clothes for my kid, over the Web, is right up my alley. I could not pass this up.

Off I went. Clicking and typing, dragging and dropping, searching for clip art, uploading images, choosing fonts, resizing and repositioning. I mastered the interface before deciding exactly what the 6-12 month, organic onesie I was bent on creating would say. But, there was no turning back. After tossing around some ideas, in a flash of pure geekdom, I knew what I wanted the shirt to say and how I wanted the message conveyed.

Rather than tell you the punch line, I decided I would invite the rest of you nerds to decipher for yourselves. Below is an image of the front and back of the actual one-of-a-kind (for now) onesie which arrived earlier today. Like my previous “A pictures is worth 300 albums” contest, the first person to leave a comment correctly describing the front & back will win a fun prize.

This contest will run for a week or until we have a winner, whichever occurs first.


(Need a hint? Start here.)