Midlands Wrestling Tournament

My brother-in-law is the athletic trainer for the Northwestern University wrestling team. One of his recent responsibilities was coordinating the Midlands wrestling tournament hosted by Northwestern this past weekend. A group of us attended the last day of the tournament to catch the semifinals. Wrestlers are intense. Here is a picture I took which captures the visible anguish and defeat of a wrestler in the process of getting pinned.

Midlands Wrestling Tournament 2007 

I wrestled one year, in high school, and was nowhere near the league of the grapplers competing at this tourney. Several are ranked #1 in the country or are Olympic hopefuls. To put it bluntly: I sucked as a wrestler but that’s a blog entry for another day—I can already see TB bursting with laughter at the mere mention of my wrestling adventures. (She’s a hater.)

By the way, the running is back on track. I have 13 days and 5 runs to go in my goal of running 12 times in 4 weeks.