Stockholm in Pictures and My Latest Bus Adventure

Stockholm Archipelago

Technically it is Friday for me and I am no longer in Stockholm. I’m now in Florence, Italy. The pictures featured in this post are some of those I took yesterday (Wednesday) during a solo foot tour around old downtown Stockholm and the surrounding area. I don’t know the significance of the Stockholm National Museum structures or statues pictured, but as a photographer all I really care about is a good subject cast in good light and getting good framing anyway.

I would usually do some research and provide more background but I wanted to get these pictures up quickly now that I have left Stockholm.

After doing the keynote and attending the breakout sessions for the duration of Day 1 of the conference that brought me to Stockholm, I decided to head back to the hotel. Once I stepped outside at around 6PM, I saw just how beautiful a day it was. It was a perfect day to tour Stockholm.

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