Owen Year One: His first year in pictures

Owen turned a year old today. Here is a Deep Zoom photo montage capturing his life from the moment he entered the world through his birthday party on Saturday. I used his full body shot from the Owen at 52 weeks post for the source image.

Use your mouse wheel or click the images in the navigation pane to explore the mosaic of 1,403 unique photos.

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Obama-McCain Electoral Map and Exit Poll Results

It is hard to believe the election was less than 3 weeks ago yet it is already feeling like a distant memory with the euphoria fading rapidly. One aspect of the election that intrigued me the most was the on-again, off-again nature of the exit polling leading up to November 4th. I always wondered how accurate the various polls would turn out to be, and, more importantly, and how truthful those polled were.

As a follow-up to my "Deep Zoom: Obama" post back in July, here is a Deep Zoom-powered finale I created which shows just how our new President-elect redefined the electoral map. As you navigate down you can also see just how the electorate voted based on age, race, income, education and other pivot points collected by the CNN pollsters. I circled the following three data points I found most amazing or enlightening:

  1. Voters age 18-29
  2. Blacks age 65 and older (as compared to other Black age groups—remember this is the voting bloc that suffered the most under Jim Crow and the most egregious racial inequities of the 20th century)
  3. First-time voters (admittedly there is significant overlap with bullet #1)

I am curious whether you think groups 1 and 3 will stomach an Obama administration with Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. Further, what factors do you believe weighed in the decision of that 6% of group 2—twice the percentage of any other group of Black voters—that voted for McCain over Obama?

Deep Zoom: Obama

Happy Independence Day, America!

One of the more interesting Deep Zoom examples I have seen since Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia, the Deep Zoom Obama Fan Site is also a great homage to presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Consisting of over 12,000 individual pictures uploaded by Obama supporters, this massive composite in Senator Obama’s likeness provides a sense of his broad appeal and the universality of his message.

Deep Zoom Obama

Fan sites like these tend to go away as quickly as they appear so I recorded a short video—about 70 seconds—showing the site in action.

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I finally got around to updating my blog to comply with the Beta 2 release of Silverlight 2. This affects anyone who wants to view any new or existing posts containing Deep Zoom content. You must upgrade to Silverlight 2 Beta 2 (or later) to see this content.

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San Diego Photo Gallery

Here is a Deep Zoom gallery of the photos I took during our Memorial Day trip to San Diego. I made a few changes to this gallery to make it easier to navigate. This includes a full screen mode and dedicated buttons for zooming and resetting the gallery to a default state.

One gotcha you should know is your mouse wheel will not function in full screen mode. I’m not sure if that is a bug or security safeguard. You can still click and shift + click to zoom or use the nifty buttons at the bottom.