Training for my third half-marathon

This morning I completed an 11-mile run to prepare to run the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half-Marathon in 3 weeks. This evening it dawned on me it has been about nearly 5 months since I blogged about running. My blog was taken over by some guy who likes writing about his kid.

This race marks my third half-marathon in 9 months and my first since Owen arrived so it is a pretty big deal. I finally got serious about my training last month since TB and I were getting a handle on the whole new parent thing. She has been very supportive. My training requires lots of juggling and sacrifices on her part to allow me the time to go out for 1/2-2 hour runs several times a week when that time could be directed to giving her a break or us doing something together. As a runner herself—TB is the real runner in our family—she understands how being outdoors on the road helps keep my mind and body from turning to mush.

So, dear readers, do not fret. While I took an extended break from running after the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona in January, I am still on the wagon, in the saddle, racking up the miles with Nike+. I am looking forward to my wife and son cheering me on.

Speaking of cheering, here is a picture of our little guy in a custom Dallas Cowboys jersey from his Uncle Chuku. Team Smith will be cheering for the Cowboys this fall despite the many boneheaded front office decisions over the past year. Yeah, T.O. is no longer on the roster but you already know what I think about that.

Owen in Cowboys jersey - front  Owen in Cowboys jersey - back

Dallas Cowboys release Terrell Owens

It is a sad day for me as a Dallas Cowboys fan. It is no secret I place greater emphasis on all the good T.O. brings to the teams he has played for during his career than the bad. This was as true while he was in San Francisco and Philadelphia as it was in Dallas. I think Dallas has made an enormous personnel blunder.

Call him a ball-dropping, loudmouth, cancerous, crybaby distraction but you must acknowledge he is a competitor and winner. How else do you explain over the last five seasons teams he has played on are 48-20 (.706) with him and 2-10 (.167) without him? Coincidence?

I don’t know what Jerry Jones is up to but keeping head coach Wade Phillips while cutting T.O. is a quick-and-easy recipe for missing the playoffs again next year. You don’t rebuild a winning franchise by cutting the guy who, in week 12, racked up the most franchise single-game receiving yards since 1979 while keeping the entire coaching staff after, in week 17, getting embarrassed 44-6, just missing the playoffs.

Cardinals over Cowboys? Jerry Rice is the only receiver in NFL history with more touchdown receptions than T.O. Jerry can no longer play the game but T.O. can. I hope Cowboys quarterback (Tony Romo), tight end (Jason Witten) and offensive coordinator (Jason Garrett) know who to blame when T.O.’s absence from the roster results in more team absences from the playoffs.

I hear the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon is accepting late arrivals. There is a lot to like about Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. They find ways to win while the Cowboys find ways to whine. Hmm…

Donovan McNabb redux

Terrell Owens as a Cowboy Terrell Owens as an EagleI think my posts about McNabb from two years back are particularly apropos given the recent dust-up in Philadelphia Eagles nation with its starting quarterback. Who knew four seasons would pass with the Eagles failing to make the playoffs? I cannot say I am surprised.

The last time the Eagles made the playoffs was following the 2004 season when they were beaten 24-21 by the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. So, in 2004 the Eagles made the playoffs and went to the Super Bowl and here, in 2008, they are 5-5 and on the brink of missing the playoffs for four consecutive seasons. The difference since 2004: T.O. That guy who was too much a distraction in Philly. Oops.

I am all too happy to have T.O. distracting the Cowboys to winning seasons and playoff berths. Now Philly fans are distracted by McNabb’s inability to return the club to glory.

Now only if the Cowboys would actually win a playoff game…

Dallas Cowboys 28, Detroit Lions 27

[update: It didn’t happen. The Patriots dominated the Steelers and appear to be on the road to a flawless season. Well done.]

How ’bout ‘dem Cowboys?! I thought only one thing could happen today to make NFL week 13 one to remember: Pittsburgh defeating New England thereby putting a major blemish on the otherwise amazing Patriots season. I am still cheering for the Steelers after the refs made their presence known in the Baltimore Ravens’ near-win against the Patriots in week 12.

What I didn’t expect was my favorite team, the Cowboys, to struggle as they did against the Detroit Lions today at Ford Field. Given the Cowboys’ amazing, come-from-behind victory, week 13 will be memorable for me regardless of what happens today in Foxboro. Here is a summary of the scoring drives courtesy of Fox Sports (note the game winning touchdown pass with 0:18 left in the game). Go Cowboys!

NFL 2007 - Week 13 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions

It’s official, I hate Ford Field. Oh, I also hate regional restrictions on televised games. Who cares about the Seahawks playing the Cardinals anyway?