Practice Safe Zune with BodyGuardz

If you have purchased a Zune Original, like me, you probably want to preserve the laser engraved artwork as long as possible. The solution: use protection.

While the price is kinda steep, the BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune 80GB ($24.95 shipped) works exactly as advertised. The BodyGuardz products are precisely tailored to protect the most popular mobile devices without adding any noticeable bulk like other protective cases. The Zune kit includes 2 complete (front and back) sets of protective covers and everything needed to attach the covers to a device.

After following the manual and watching the online instructional video, my “installation” went smoothly. While it is a time-consuming, detail-oriented process, if done correctly, the result speaks for itself.

It’s not worth attaching a picture as the protective film is meant to be unobtrusive and practically invisible. Visit or watch the BodyGuardz product demonstration videos on YouTube to get a better idea of how the products work.

If you and a family member, friend or significant other have matching iPods, Zunes or other portable devices, you should check them out and take advantage of their 2-in-1 packaging.