New Features: Tags & Tag Cloud

I just upgraded Keith’s Amusing Musings to support tagging and also added a fancy tag cloud for visualizing the tags as they are added to posts.

Check out my new tag cloud by clicking the “Tag Cloud” link under Pages in the navigation bar to the left or just click here.

The categories (to the left) are pretty rigid but handy for grouping broadly related posts. Tagging will provide me more flexibility to attach more detailed keywords to each post. You, my readers, get more flexibility by being able to filter posts that share one or more tags.

You can do this filtering by grouping together tags in the URL using the following syntax:[TAG]


For example:

  • All posts marked with the Saving tag (view)
  • All posts marked with the Humor tag (view)
  • All posts marked with both the Investing and Retirement tags (view)

You will also notice a few of the recent posts now have “Tags” at the end which you can click on to see related posts.

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