Deep Zoom: Obama

Happy Independence Day, America!

One of the more interesting Deep Zoom examples I have seen since Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia, the Deep Zoom Obama Fan Site is also a great homage to presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Consisting of over 12,000 individual pictures uploaded by Obama supporters, this massive composite in Senator Obama’s likeness provides a sense of his broad appeal and the universality of his message.

Deep Zoom Obama

Fan sites like these tend to go away as quickly as they appear so I recorded a short video—about 70 seconds—showing the site in action.


In recognition of yesterday’s historic development in the Democratic primary, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Barack Obama’s accomplishment as becoming the first, non-White, male to secure the party’s nomination for POTUS. He and his wife Michelle truly embody pursuit of the American dream.

Some said this day would never come. T.O. would say, “Getcha popcorn ready.”