Increasing storage capacity of Samsung Focus by adding a microSD memory card

If you are reading this post you know what you have (Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 with the default, anemic 8 GB internal storage) and what you want (more storage capacity by adding a microSD card). This is not a detailed how-to. If you do not know how to upgrade your memory and the steps necessary to reset your device to recognize the additional capacity, I suggest finding someone who does rather than going it alone.

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There is a lot of confusing information swirling around about Windows Phone 7 certified memory, which cards work and which do not, class 2 vs. class 6, etc. I am writing this because I stumbled across a comment in a forum I frequent that helped me upgrade my Samsung Focus from 8 GB to 24 GB by adding a $40 memory card.


Step 1: Buy a KOMPUTERBAY 16GB microSD memory card from Amazon for $39. The 32GB card ($89) also works if you need more storage.
Step 2: Turn off the phone
Step 3: Insert the card into the empty slot inside the battery compartment
Step 4: Turn on and reset your phone (Settings->About)
Step 5: Confirm your Total Storage is now 22.12 GB (Settings->About)
Step 6: Redo your settings and configuration and reinstall your apps
Step 7: Fill your new 24 GB Samsung Focus with content


New Parent Tip: Travel with a night light

Night light When traveling with a small child, parents often make due with sub-optimal accommodations relative to what is typically enjoyed in their homes. One case in point is the inadequate lighting often encountered in hotels and guest rooms that make it difficult for late-night/early-morning child care. What is desired is dim, unobtrusive ambient light. What is often provided are bright bedside lamps and harsh ceiling lights with inconveniently-located switches.

One inconsiderate solution involves turning on the ceiling or lamp lights at 3:27 AM to tend to one’s crying child. Babies and significant others love that. Non-green options include leaving the bathroom lights on overnight with the door slightly ajar. Neither of those options appealed to us.

After a quick trip to Target and $5 from the change jar, our travel kit is now equipped with an LED nightlight. After two states, ten days and a couple dozen late-night admittances to the Owen opera, I wholeheartedly recommend a night light when traveling with small kids. A small flashlight also works but remember where you put it and don’t forget the batteries.

New Parent Tip: Take infant Tylenol to the 2-month exam

Miserable baby Owen is two months old today. Hooray! To celebrate, he had his 2-month exam which included two vaccination shots, one in each thigh. Fun times.

Of course the pediatrician waited until just before he got the shots to tell us it would be a good idea to give him a dose of Tylenol Infant’s Drops immediately afterward—and every 3-4 hours for the next 24 hours—since he was not going to be a very happy camper while coping with the discomfort.

Learn from our mistake: Bring the Tylenol with you and give it to your child just before the shots, for everyone’s sake.