Leroy Jenkins: When all talk meets all action

I stumbled across this old YouTube video that captures a World of Warcraft pre-battle strategy meeting involving a dozen or so collaborators. I have never played WoW myself but some of the funniest videos and commercials parody those who do. This one is hilarious. Watch the entire thing but pay attention around the 1’30” mark.

The next time your team is stricken with analysis paralysis or you are on vacation with a group of people who cannot make up their minds, shout “Leeeeeerooooyyyy Jenkins” and just roll.


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I Think I Love My Wife

I have not seen the movie, but today TB caught me with a nice one-liner that warranted a flagrant foul for un-sportsmanlike conduct. It also provided a new quote of the day entry.

Scene: TB and I are exchanging instant messages discussing today’s release of our employer’s quarterly earnings report, plans for the evening, etc. Trying to catch her off-guard, I walk into a verbal smackdown:

Me: Should I get a Range Rover or that Lexus hybrid?
TB: You have no sense. Try getting some of that first.
Me: [feeling tart] Dag, that’s raw.
TB: LMAO….you know how I do.

She’s a hater.

Why Borat likes Zune

Have you seen the movie “Borat”? One thing the title character would love about the Zune 80 is the reply you are likely to get from any salesperson or Web site when inquiring about buying one:

Coming Zune…Not!

Puppies and Zunes These things aren’t in stock anywhere! Not even on Microsoft’s own Zune Originals site. Perhaps it’s an attempt to artificially imitate the Wii Effect but methinks Nintendo’s game console is legitimately popular enough to warrant its “Out of Stock” label.

Microsoft really screwed the pooch on this one. The company would have been better off having Michael Vick endorse the new product line with some DMX playing in the background.** Man, if Apple releases a 32GB iPhone that syncs with my Exchange-based e-mail & calendar…just kidding…not!

Last year, I searched high-and-low, far-and-wide for my Zune 30. Not this time. Hmph!

Meanwhile, I am definitely happy Microsoft updated old players with the new features. I have been able to soak up all the Zune 2 goodness on my Zune 30…which is now available for $90 on Amazon (originally $250). Talk about depreciation. Yikes!

** – “Give ‘Em What They Want” would be fitting. :sarcastic: