We are having a baby!

Stork and baby I am unable to find the right words to capture the excitement and nervousness I feel as TB and I head down this fork in the road of the journey we began together almost 14 years ago. As crazy and unbelievable as it sounds, we are nearing the midpoint at 19 weeks as of yesterday.

These first 19 weeks have undoubtedly been so much longer for TB than me and she is certainly proving why she is The Boss by how together and on top of it she is. My wife is already amazing and now she’s having our baby. Wow.

Below are ultrasound pictures from various stages of early pregnancy.

8 weeks, 5 days
9 weeks, 3 days 
11 weeks, 5 days
13 weeks

Now is a good time to tell you about the new www.keithandtosha.com. It will eventually serve as the one-stop-shop for the personal pictures and videos we want to share with family and friends.

Finally, some particulars:

  1. The baby is due March 27, 2009.
  2. The baby was conceived on my birthday. TB got caught slipping. 🙂
  3. We are not finding out the sex, it will be a surprise.
  4. The chances of us naming our first child after you are pretty slim. However, do share your favorite names by posting a comment. The portmanteau, Keisha, has already been suggested by our friends Bus Chick and Bus Nerd.

I’m going to be somebody’s father. How real is that? Obama really needs to win.