Gas prices near 2004 lows

You have probably noticed you are not paying nearly as much for gas today as you did just a few months back. If you are a gas mileage and gas price nerd like me, you will know you are not imagining things. In fact, the price of gasoline has dropped to levels not seen since December 2005. Even crazier, I paid $2.339 per gallon for regular unleaded today, here in the Seattle area, which is just a couple cents more than the $2.359 I paid on June 23, 2004.

Looking at the chart below, you can clearly see the sharp decline gas prices have been on since my all-time high of $4.339 per gallon on July 8, 2008. That is almost $2 more per gallon roughly 4 months ago. Today’s price is still just a hair higher than when I wrote about how gas was fairly cheap in May 2006 at $2.259/gallon.

The price of gasoline from June 2004 to November 2008

Jury Duty

scales-of-justice I have been summoned for jury duty this week for the first time in my life. It is amazing the court system never caught up with me until now but it was bound to happen eventually. I’m lucky. I report to the Kirkland Municipal Court which is a few miles from our home and is not the place hardened, life-sentence criminals are judged.

It’s not a good week to miss work but, apparently, that doesn’t qualify as enough of a hardship to get excused. One surefire way is to show up wearing a “Free Mumia!” T-shirt.

This should be interesting.

Deep Zoom: Obama

Happy Independence Day, America!

One of the more interesting Deep Zoom examples I have seen since Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia, the Deep Zoom Obama Fan Site is also a great homage to presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Consisting of over 12,000 individual pictures uploaded by Obama supporters, this massive composite in Senator Obama’s likeness provides a sense of his broad appeal and the universality of his message.

Deep Zoom Obama

Fan sites like these tend to go away as quickly as they appear so I recorded a short video—about 70 seconds—showing the site in action.

Keith’s Greatest Hits

greatest hitsAlmost 120,000 words and over 270 posts in, I figure it is time to recap some of the top posts by traffic and some of my personal favorites. This post is also a good reference if you are new to Keith’s Amusing Musings and don’t want to sift through 55 pages separating wheat from chaff.

Leave a comment with your personal favorite posts, categories or topics. I like comments. 🙂

By the way, the nifty “greatest hits” graphic to the right is a Keith original. I “borrow” most of the other images used throughout my blog.

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And now a smattering of oldies-but-goodies and posts worthy of dubious praise…

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Tech Support

Gas Mileage Update

About a year ago I wrote about tracking the gas mileage for my Mazda 626 and the price of gas here on the eastside of the Seattle metro area. Here is a quick update so you can see how both have changed over the course of a year.

Keith's gas mileage (2007 update)
Mileage Definitions

The "AVERAGES" row above is cumulative from June 2004 when recording began. Below are the averages restricted to the date range displayed in the chart above (Oct 16, 2006 through Sep 12, 2007).

mileage 2007 past year average

Comparing this past year to the overall numbers:

  • I go slightly longer between refills (27.5 vs. 23.9 days) and put more gas in my car (12.6 vs. 12.0 gallons) each time.
  • My mileage (MPG) average of 25.6 continues to trail the historical average of 26.8 since moving closer to work. Considering how much closer we live (5 mile vs. 17 mile one-way commute) my MPG average remains very respectable. (Hypothetical high-five to the Mazda engineers.)
  • All the "Price Per" entries (PPG, PPM, PPD) are more a reflection of the increasing cost of gas than my driving habits or car. Below is a chart showing how gas has increased almost 50% in our area between June 2004 and Sep 2007.
Seattle Gas Prices 2004 to 2007

Note that May is still the worst possible month to take a road trip. I am considering making May my official public transportation month.