Were the Seahawks Robbed?

One last post before I call it a night. 

I think this article does a good job inferring how much the referees can affect a game’s outcome as they did in Super Bowl XL.  Hench’s analysis reminded me just how much the momentum shifted immediately after the most controversial penalties and reversals were called.  The Seahawks did not play like a championship team, no question, but neither did the Steelers.  If judged by every past Super Bowl performance up to Super Bowl XL, the Steelers should not have won.  It makes one wonder.

“In case the football fans of the Pacific Northwest aren’t sick enough in the aftermath of the big game, they may want to know that no Super Bowl loser has ever dominated a title game like the Seahawks did on Sunday.”

We Are Back from Super Bowl XL

It was a great experience despite our team losing the game.  You can read more about our trip back (which was anything but ‘great’) on my last Super Bowl XL post at http://lesia.picostation.com/.  Someone sent the following picture around at work today. 

The Super Bowl XL referees suited up for Pittsburgh much to Seattle's chagrin.

I think it succinctly captures one of the 3 factors in the Seattle loss — the other two being “soft” playing (e.g., Jerramy Stevens and Josh Brown) and, of course, the Steelers who pulled off some pretty major feats.

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Reporting Live from the Super Bowl

I have setup a mobile blog (moblog) at http://lesia.picostation.com where I can write up-to-the-minute posts about our Super Bowl XL experience before, during and after the game using my mobile phone.

I am sure you will have more important things to do this weekend but if you care to follow along or want to read about things that happen at the game sometime later, visit us at the site above.

My Nieces: Justice & Kailynn

I am back online after spending Dec 19-23 visiting my family in Dayton, OH. I love visiting my family especially during the holidays. Living in Seattle makes it inconvenient to visit as often as I would like. However, one down side to visiting family in Dayton is no one has a high-speed Internet connection which is why I haven’t posted in some time.

We are on the Chicago leg of our holiday tour visiting my in-laws for a few days so I now have access to a fast connection. Fittingly, I’ve decided to update my blog with some pictures of my nieces taken during our time in Dayton. Justice turned 9 months on Dec 12. Kailynn was born on Dec 14. This year’s holiday homecoming was made very special by these two little ladies.


Justice sleeping Justice awake


Kailynn sleeping Kailynn awake