Owen at 2 Years

We have a two-year-old. Wow!

Owen has had several major developments this month with his independence and maturity being the recurring theme. First, he refuses to sit in his high chair preferring a barstool at the kitchen island, instead. Second, he thinks he is too old to wear a bib though the messes he creates suggest otherwise. Third, he walks down the stairs without holding onto the railing. Also, he started calling TB and me by our first names. Lastly, he is starting to speak in 3- and 4-word sentences.

It has been amazing watching our little guy grow and we hope you have enjoyed following his development through his second year. The Owen picture posts will be fewer and farther between from this point forward. Getting him to sit stationary is nearly impossible and I imagine it will only get more difficult—well, at least until he is 25.

Owen at 2 years

Here is the headshot.

Owen at 2 years