Owen Year One: His first year in pictures

Owen turned a year old today. Here is a Deep Zoom photo montage capturing his life from the moment he entered the world through his birthday party on Saturday. I used his full body shot from the Owen at 52 weeks post for the source image.

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Owen at 52 Weeks

Owen is 52 weeks old today. Tomorrow he will be a one-year-old. This is the most bittersweet of all the weekly Owen updates since it marks the end. A year ago I set out to create weekly posts capturing Owen’s first year and I have done so consistently across two continents, three countries and a half-dozen time zones. Going forward, we will take pictures occasionally and write posts less frequently. Thanks for joining us on our early journey through parenthood and stay tuned for more amusing musings as we learn more about raising a child.

Stay tuned for the “Year in Review” post. It is going to be huge, literally and figuratively.

Owen at 52 weeks

Here is the headshot.

Owen at 52 weeks

Running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle 2010 Half-Marathon

Has it really been over six months since my last running post? Wow. That’s bad. The good news is I have not give up running or blogging.

On the running front, I have selected a previous favorite for my fifth half-marathon: the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle on June 26. Since it will have been nine months since my last race, I did not want to venture too far away from home. Also, I really enjoyed running the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle last year. This time I am focused on training consistently and avoiding injury.

I have set myself back by getting injured while preparing for previous races either by running too hard or ramping up the mileage too quickly. Other times I contracted colds so severe I had to miss precious training days leading up to race day. The plan this time is to go slow, build gradually and stay healthy. I am following Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon Training Program to get my body comfortable running longer distances.

Wish me luck!