New Parent Tip: Take infant Tylenol to the 2-month exam

Miserable baby Owen is two months old today. Hooray! To celebrate, he had his 2-month exam which included two vaccination shots, one in each thigh. Fun times.

Of course the pediatrician waited until just before he got the shots to tell us it would be a good idea to give him a dose of Tylenol Infant’s Drops immediately afterward—and every 3-4 hours for the next 24 hours—since he was not going to be a very happy camper while coping with the discomfort.

Learn from our mistake: Bring the Tylenol with you and give it to your child just before the shots, for everyone’s sake.

New Parent Tip: Fenugreek

fenugreek While I cannot know first-hand how well it works, I have observed the seemingly magical powers of Fenugreek through TB’s milk production over the past five weeks. As the Wikipedia entry will tell you, Fenugreek is a herb with many common uses. One area of particular interest to nursing moms is its properties as a milk producing agent.

Taken orally in capsule form or as one of several ingredients in the popular Mother’s Milk Tea, Fenugreek greatly improves breast milk production quickly. The capsules can be found in many supplement and drug stores. The tea is not as effective as the capsules due to the lower levels of Fenugreek but TB finds sipping the tea relaxing and combines it with a couple capsules each day.

Before getting all excited you should know there are some drawbacks:

  1. All that milk has to come out which means either lots of feeding, lots of pumping or sore mammary glands.
  2. Storing breast milk safely for long periods requires a deep freezer and expensive containers.

Of course, if things get too abundant, just cut back or stop taking it altogether. Lastly, while Fenugreek is used in many food products, it would be wise to consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Update: TB loves the bottle labels. 😎