Things I learned the first night with my newborn

TB and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, Owen Marcellus. Team Smith was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon and headed home for what surely will be the first of many evenings of fun and excitement. Gratefully, Grandma Rhonda and Auntie Tonia were with us to make sure we newbies didn’t damage their new grandson and nephew.

Owen Marcellous

Here are 10 random discoveries I made and lessons my son taught me during our first night together.

  1. Surely 3M or Dow Corning can bring to market a meconium-based adhesive. That stuff is crazy.
  2. Three hours of uninterrupted sleep never felt so good.
  3. The inventors of the BabySense V Baby Movement Monitor by HiSense should all be awarded the Nobel prize.
  4. Pre-baby, I never gave breastfeeding a second thought, strange that it now consumes so many of my thoughts. Fathers-to-be: Attend a breastfeeding course with the mother.
  5. My hands shake when I get very tired.
  6. A wooden kitchen rolling pin is excellent for an emergency, self-inflicted back massage.
  7. I need to hit the weight room. Maybe I’ll jump on the 2009 One Hundred Burpee Challenge.
  8. The iPhone’s lack of MMS support sux. It did not bother me before I became a dad.
  9. I am a swaddle master. I wonder if there are any competitive swaddling events.
  10. 500+ word blog posts are long gone. The new hotness is brevity, baby photos and sleep.