Donovan McNabb redux

Terrell Owens as a Cowboy Terrell Owens as an EagleI think my posts about McNabb from two years back are particularly apropos given the recent dust-up in Philadelphia Eagles nation with its starting quarterback. Who knew four seasons would pass with the Eagles failing to make the playoffs? I cannot say I am surprised.

The last time the Eagles made the playoffs was following the 2004 season when they were beaten 24-21 by the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. So, in 2004 the Eagles made the playoffs and went to the Super Bowl and here, in 2008, they are 5-5 and on the brink of missing the playoffs for four consecutive seasons. The difference since 2004: T.O. That guy who was too much a distraction in Philly. Oops.

I am all too happy to have T.O. distracting the Cowboys to winning seasons and playoff berths. Now Philly fans are distracted by McNabb’s inability to return the club to glory.

Now only if the Cowboys would actually win a playoff game…

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