My new job

I started a new job as the Group Program Manager (GPM) of the Presentation Platform Controls (PPC) team, back on August 25 .

I decided to return to my roots in the product group after 33 months in marketing. I had a blast in marketing and will miss my team and responsibilities as Director of Product Management for Microsoft Expression dearly. Why leave? Two reasons.

First, as those of you who have followed my blog can attest, I am a big Silverlight fan and my new gig gives me direct responsibility for helping the technology succeed. My new team is tasked with delivering first-party controls for Silverlight. That includes basic components for building user interfaces like button, textbox and label in addition to advance controls like calendar, datagrid and scrollview.

Second, I missed the day-to-day aspects of creating the products that will reach billions. As GPM, I will be leading the program management discipline for the PPC team. You can learn more about what program managers do at Microsoft on the Microsoft career site.

I moved offices and began getting settled into my new job before heading out for a vacation in Belgium the week of Labor Day. That post is coming up next.

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