It’s official: I’m a long distance runner

CamelBak Alterra Hydration Pack GU Chocolate Outrage Energy Gel As you may recall, back in late June I began training for a half-marathon (13.1 miles). I have not selected a race yet but I will probably run in late September or early October. The training has been going great and today I passed a significant milestone by running 10 miles non-stop. Averaging 9’45” miles, I finished in 1:37:53.

Running 10 miles, or significantly longer than 60 minutes, requires hydration and fuel lest one’s muscles run out of energy or start cramping. A quick conversation with our trainer, followed by a trip to REI, and I was prepared with GU energy gels and a CamelBak Alterra 28 ounce hydration pack. The “Chocolate Outrage” GU gels are great.

Previously, my longest run was 8 miles and my training program has me ramping up to 12 miles in the next few weeks. I don’t know if I could have made it another 3.1 miles today since my lower left calf started cramping around 8.5 miles in. I suppose that is why one trains.

To commemorate me reaching LD runner status, TB met me at the 8 mile mark and we ran together the rest of the way. That was nice.

7 Replies to “It’s official: I’m a long distance runner”

  1. To be a real LD runner you have to experience chafing, the loss of a toe nail, and running so long that you run out of music and/or conversation.

  2. Umm…pass.

    I have experienced chafing and will offer my pinky toe nails to the half-marathon gods if required but I need my music.

    I will settle for being a fake LD runner instead.

  3. TB – you forgot to add shin splints and weekly blisters.

    At least the modern digital music players can carry far more music than I have running endurance now a days.
    Congrats on the Run Keith – that’s far beyond what my poor legs can take given the wide variety of high school era track and cross country injuries I suffered. Not to mention the fact that I’m about 50lbs heavier than high school Leon.

  4. Hey man I think it’s great – I’m going to do a few races here and there too but I’m not quite so ambitious and I’m keeping the mileage under 10 miles.

    In fact we have a big family challenge around beat the bridge. Not that 5 miles is a big amount but it’s an excuse to get the extended family running together.

    I’m even getting the family standardized on the nike+ system. Although I really wish they had an iphone/ipod touch app that sync’d wirelessly. We got malaika the little wrist band which is cool – but I like the audio cues.

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