Take it to the Streets

I completed my first road run today. It is 80 degrees in Seattle today, much too beautiful to do the treadmill thing I normally prefer. TB and my mother-in-law, MommaB, looked legitimately concerned for my health and safety when I laced up and told them to come looking for me if I wasn’t back in 90 minutes. I ended up running 7.5 miles in 84 minutes—my longest run yet.

Nike+ SportbandThe first thing I noticed about running outside is it feels a lot slower but actually is a lot harder. This is a hilly area and the terrain changes often compared to the dialed-in settings of a treadmill in a temperature-controlled environment.

The second thing is running in the 80 degree afternoon sun with no water is no joke. Luckily my route took me through Bridal Trails which is shaded by the dense foliage of towering evergreen trees. TB and MommaB were much smarter. They went running earlier in the day when it was much cooler.

The third thing—don’t tell TB I admitted it—is running outdoors is more fun than running indoors.

In other running news, Nike released the Nike+ Sportband this week. Essentially, it eliminates the iPod from the Nike+ equation which is great if you don’t want or need music while you run. Dropping the iPod also lowers the price to get started with Nike+ as the Sportband is $59 at the Nike store.