100 Miles and Running

roadrunner Today I broke the 100 mile mark with the Nike+ system. It took 4 months since I started in December but I lost about 6 weeks rehabbing old but persistent ankle and knee injuries. I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made and I’m able to run considerably faster, longer and easier than I could back in December.

It seemed fitting to pass the 100 mile mark running along side TB. She’s the long distance runner in our household. The funny thing is I vowed never to run with her again after a previous outing led to a trip to the emergency room and a week of me not being able to take the stairs. We ran outdoors, too, which has grown on me despite the bizarre weather (80° last Saturday, 50° today) we’ve been having.

A good friend invited me to run the Kirkland half-marathon with him next month. That’s distance I’m not ready to tackle just yet—I’m more chicken than roadrunner when it comes to races. Who knows, if I keep running with TB, I may get there by the summer.

[Update: The Nike+ site presented me with the certificate below to commemorate my 100 mile achievement. How nice.]

Nike+ 100 mile certificate

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  1. Nice! I’m running the Cincinnati half next weekend. Let me know when you do one, and , depending on how this one goes, maybe I’ll be up for another!

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