Revenge of the Nerds

Scene: The men’s locker room inside the PRO Sports Club fitness center about a mile from the Microsoft main campus. It is a Friday afternoon and I have just finished my workout. While getting dressed, I overhear the following conversation between a couple random nerd guys: RNG #1 & RNG #2.

RNG #1: “That’s bizarre. This isn’t my stuff. I just punched in my code to unlock this locker but these aren’t my jeans.”
RNG #2: “Huh?”
RNG #1: “Wait a second….” [a few seconds pass] “That isn’t my locker! This one is my locker. Here are my things.”
RNG #2: “What?”
RNG #1: [chuckling] “My locker is this one. It was just a random coincidence that the locker right next to it had the exact same four-digit code.”
RNG #2: [in disbelief] “Really?”
RNG #1: “Yeah! That’s so strange. What are the odds?”
RNG #2: “10 times 9 times 8 times 7, right?”
RNG #1: “Yeah, that sounds right.”
RNG #2: [after a short pause] “Actually, it’s 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 since you can repeat numbers.”
RNG #1: “Yeah, you’re right. Amazing.”

At this point, I didn’t know which was nerdier:

  1. Two genuine nerds calculating the 1-in-10,000 (0.01%) probability of a specific 4-digit locker code, or
  2. Two genuine nerds proving, when their kind congregates, there is a 100% possibility they will make their presence known.

They continued their nerd banter as I left the locker room. A few steps into my exit, I immediately felt ill as I realized I had immediately done the math too when RNG #1 dismissed it as a random coincidence.

I’m not a nerd. I’m cerebral. :sweet:

Super Bowl XLII: Giants 17, Patriots 14…19 and Oh No!

It pains me immensely to admit Eli Manning’s clutch quarterbacking during the New York Giants’ game-winning drive of Super Bowl XLII easily eclipses Tony Romo’s clutch play against the Detroit Lions in the regular season. However, I must admit I found it completely exhilarating and enthralling watching the 4th quarter of what was supposed to be an historic NFL season turn historically tragic—if you’re a New England Patriots fan, that is. The other 3/4ths of the game were terrible.

It’s sad that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick could be remembered more for this single loss than their impressive assortment of wins and accolades.

Two things dawned on me at game’s end:

  1. The ’72 Miami Dolphins were somewhere engaged in jubilant celebration, and
  2. Randy Moss would one day look back at the game tape and feel like a complete jackass for his premature celebration following what was supposed to be the clenching, go-ahead touchdown, culminating in his first championship ring. Oops!