$600 Man

I completed the last of five physical therapy appointments last week so Michael, our trainer, cleared me to do a couple extended runs this weekend. Today I did five minute intervals with 90 second recovery periods over the duration of what turned out to be a 60-minute, 4.77 mile run. The voice of Lance Armstrong congratulated me at the end for my longest run yet. (See the Nike+ badge at the bottom of the sidebar.)

Both my knee and ankle felt fine during the run. Actually, both joints and the nearby ligaments felt much better than they have in a long time. Kudos to my physical therapist, Jessica, who, during our initial consultation, said she could rebuild me. She had the technology. She could make my knee and ankle better than they were…stronger…faster. OK, I’m no Steve Austin, and the therapy was tough. In fact, I never looked forward to any of my appointments because Jessica pushed me so hard.

In the end, the physical therapy racked up about $600 in fees which my medical insurance covered. That was great news because I would have hated to mess up my ankle or knee kicking somebody in the assets.