Mission Accomplished

I completed my 12 runs in 4 weeks goal yesterday (Wednesday). Yippee! Check out my nifty video showing the animated Nike+ completion widget. You may need to click the picture to get it to replay.

Of course, in the process of completing my goal, I aggravated a couple old sports injuries (torn meniscus, broken ankle) and now I’mĀ spending 6 weeks doing physical therapy. I am under strict, no-running-until-you-complete-PT orders from Michael. That means my Nike+ wings are effectively clipped for the time being. It’s all elliptical and stationary bike for a couple weeks. šŸ™

Here is where I’m leaving off, for the time being, in both iTunes and the Nike+ site:

keith-workout-results-itunes-01-09-2007 nike-plus-first-13-runs

As the governor of California would say: “I’ll be back!”