When Low Motivation Meets High Tech

As of this morning, I had gained 6 pounds since November 4th. That’s a pound a week. Yikes!

There are many excuses and explanations I could give, but I won’t. I knew I needed to get it together shortly after Thanksgiving, but get it together I did not. My motivation to workout regularly has been low and my success sticking to a balanced diet has been even lower. I have decided to do two things to motivate myself to a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Go high tech. Nothing motivates a gadget geek like electronics so I am investing in the Nike+ running system.
  2. Report my results. Public scrutiny is a highly effective behavioral adjustment tool and I will periodically report my running (and other exercise) progress here on my blog—I have created a new “Lifestyle” category to make future posts easier to find.

4GB 2nd-Generation Silver iPod nano Despite Apple’s iPod nano being the center of the Nike+ system, I must admit it is extremely cool and very well done. Being a Zune fanboy, I decided to stick it to Apple by purchasing a discounted, refurbished, 2nd-generation nano instead of buying a new 3rd-generation nano at full price. I bought a 4GB refurb, silver nano direct from Apple. It cost $99 (reg. $199) and came with a one-year warranty.

Nike+ Sport Kit sensor and receiver Next, I bought the Nike+ Sport Kit which includes the sensor that goes in one running shoe and a receiver that plugs into the nano. The Nike+ Sport Kit costs $29 from Amazon. I already have a pair of Nike+ running shoes which have a compartment specifically designed to hold the Nike+ sensor.

I loaded the nano with music and registered on the Nike+ site. TB is the runner in our household and she was kind enough to join me this morning as I rediscovered the gym for my first high-tech workout. I spent the first half of my workout calibrating the Nike+ system using the built-in configuration assistant. I then ran on the treadmill for another 20 minutes. Here is a neat Nike+ widget showing the speed vs. time plot of that second half of this morning’s workout captured by Nike+:

I will add a couple Nike+ widgets to the sidebar to track the results of my most recent runs and latest challenge. I will start by challenging myself to run at least 12 times over the next 4 weeks. Wish me luck…

6 Replies to “When Low Motivation Meets High Tech”

  1. I’ve been tempted to get one of these things. It would be nice if they had a heart rate monitor version – that would work other sports besides running. I wish there was more data – my personal trainer had me using the BodyBugg metabolic sensor for a while. Although they are expensive it’s amazing the data you can pull off one of these things.


  2. +1 on the heart rate monitor idea. I’ve been using a Polar HRM for a few years which works great for the myriad gym equipment that supports it. It should work well in tandem with Nike+ in those situations when I’m running outdoors or on treadmills that report data in kilometers and Joules like I encountered in Munich.

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