Zune 80 vs. iPod classic 80GB

We had a spirited debate in my last Zune 2 post. For this post, I will rely on the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Zune 80 vs. iPod classic

Tuesday, November 13, is the big day. Stay tuned…

6 Replies to “Zune 80 vs. iPod classic 80GB”

  1. Zune is so much better than ipod, i hope they start selling movies on the marketplace and cant wait for the games to come out

  2. 👿 Rawr i hate zune i really do i guess i do because my cuisin has a zune and he always tells me that zune is better than ipod i really have no personal problem with zune i just think and always have thought ipod is superior…..thats all

  3. I think I like the zune 80 better than the ipod classic, but the only drawback is that zune market place doesn’t support movies, and only has a limited amount of t.v. shows, but the music subscription is awesome.

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