Why Borat likes Zune

Have you seen the movie “Borat”? One thing the title character would love about the Zune 80 is the reply you are likely to get from any salesperson or Web site when inquiring about buying one:

Coming Zune…Not!

Puppies and Zunes These things aren’t in stock anywhere! Not even on Microsoft’s own Zune Originals site. Perhaps it’s an attempt to artificially imitate the Wii Effect but methinks Nintendo’s game console is legitimately popular enough to warrant its “Out of Stock” label.

Microsoft really screwed the pooch on this one. The company would have been better off having Michael Vick endorse the new product line with some DMX playing in the background.** Man, if Apple releases a 32GB iPhone that syncs with my Exchange-based e-mail & calendar…just kidding…not!

Last year, I searched high-and-low, far-and-wide for my Zune 30. Not this time. Hmph!

Meanwhile, I am definitely happy Microsoft updated old players with the new features. I have been able to soak up all the Zune 2 goodness on my Zune 30…which is now available for $90 on Amazon (originally $250). Talk about depreciation. Yikes!

** – “Give ‘Em What They Want” would be fitting. :sarcastic:

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  1. It’s unfortunate that Microsoft decided to flood the channel with the flash players over the 80gb version. All of the buzz from the early Zune adopters is clearly for the hard drive based player. I’m sure the appropriate heads have rolled and the channel will start to fill up by Christmas.

    I did play with the flash player in the Microsoft company store.(yeah MS alumni network) The interface is generally very nice – although the image quality on the flash based player left a lot to be desired. The images were washed out, looked low res, and there was tearing and artifacting when playing movies. I liked the new Squircle(or whatever) for moving through large lists – but it’s terrible at making precise choices as you narrow down your selection. It’s really easy to overshoot what you are looking for. A lot of people have told me that they turn the Squircle thing off and just use the cursor keys. Lastly the material of the flash player wasn’t very pleasing from a tactile perspective. It felt cheaply made.

    Unfortunately they had normal headphones hooked up to the display and not the premium earbuds that I keep hearing so much about. (not that I can use ear buds anyway – they fall out of my ears, and who wants to be exposed to someone else’s ear wax)

    Criticisms aside – the device was very small and light. And while I have issues with the image quality that could have been a problem with the demo unit. I also thought the user interface was nice from a design perspective – and it certainly was responsive. I am still anxious to play with the larger device and see what the software is like.

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