Oktoberfest in Munich

I returned from Munich on Friday evening. I spent the remainder of the day catching up on the latest home and work news with TB and forcing myself to stay awake. I went to bed around midnight and woke up around 2 PM, Saturday! That should give you some idea of how exhausting these past few weeks have been.

It will take several more days before my body adjusts, at which point I will be heading out again…this time for vacation. :mrgreen:

How was Munich? First and foremost, Oktoberfest was completely wasted on me. I don’t drink and I don’t eat beef or pork. The Bavarians thought I was from Mars. I spent my days in the Worldwide Marketing Leads Summit meetings from 8 AM to 5 PM. The evenings were spent dining with colleagues then working from my room to catch up on all the e-mail I had missed while attending the summit. Fun, fun, fun.