Leela James – A Change is Gonna Come

Leela James It’s been a while since my last music post. I am pleased to say I have been enjoying music much more lately. I have been listening to new content from established and up-and-coming artists spanning neo-soul to underground hip-hop and rediscovering old gems in my existing music collection. (Bluegrass anyone?)

One such rediscovery is Leela James’ first and only album, A Change is Gonna Come. No surprise to anyone recognizing the blatant reference to the Sam Cooke classic (aka, the Civil Rights Movement theme song), Ms. James’ album is positioned as a throwback to the soul era of American music (1960s-1970s). You needn’t look past the first song following the intro, “Music,” to hear Ms. James wear her neo-soul label well, channeling Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin.

Vocally this album is average. Content and style variety is above average. Musical production is excellent. Considering she has the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Wyclef Jean and Kanye West assisting with production on this album, one could safely assume excellent playability and long-term enjoyment whether seeking casual listening or something to help you get it crunk (in the Lil Jon sense).