Ghost Riding the Whip

Looking for a way to squeeze further enjoyment from my music collection, I commented to TB we should take up the urban phenomenon known as Ghost Riding. I don’t see many people our age ghostin’ especially in our neighborhood (Kirkland, WA). Further, Couples Ghostin’ could become the new hotness. She, of course, unceremoniously rolled her eyes…her typical reaction when confronted with tomfoolery cum lunacy.

Whether we take out the trusty 626 or her workhorse Altima for our maiden ride is completely up to her. I don’t think she’s down to be a rider either way but maybe I can at least get her to woman the camera so I can join the Ghost Riding ranks on YouTube.

Here is the E-40 video for “Tell Me When to Go” which brought ghost riding mainstream (aka, to the suburbs). The ghostin’ starts with 1:35 remaining in the video.

Considering ghost riding is highly illegal and very dangerous to riders, passers-by and lookers-on, don’t be shocked if you see footage of a thirtysomething Kirkland couple in handcuffs after being apprehended by the police following a ghost riding outing down Central Ave. I can hear the music now: “Ghost ride the whip…Ghost ride the whip…”

All I need is some stunna shades, a dreadlock wig and a platinum grill. Watch out, I am about to get hyphy. “Ghost ride the whip…Ghost ride the whip…”

We need to hurry as local teens are already ghostin’ in Redmond and Bellevue. That article contains the quote of the day:

“The underground beats of Oakland and Stockton are brought to the mean streets of Bellevue.” (emphasis added)

The reporter, Eric Wilkinson, is obviously being sarcastic. Watch the video. Bellevue is nowhere near becoming the hood. Those teens are ghostin’ in a BMW purchased by one of their parents! Going dumb, indeed.

I am starting a stunna shade collection to help TB and me get accessorized for our ghost riding adventure. If you would like to make a donation, please leave a comment. Those who donate will also be invited to participate in the stunna shade selection process. There are many stunna shade styles to choose from so we really need your help.

The following is my rendition of how our first outing will go:

Keith Ghost Riding the Whip

This is history in the making. “Ghost ride the whip…Ghost ride the whip…”

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  1. HHAHHAHAHAHA!! 😆 Hilarious post about Ghost Ridin’. If you do a search for Ghost Ridin’ on YouTube, you will see “amateur ghost riders” crashing into trees and sliding head first into curb side sewer openings.

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