She Knows Me Well

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, one of many non-holidays dedicated to moving cash from people’s pockets, rich or poor, into the coffers of retailers, restaurants and other merchants. Why? Because somebody (probably a merchant) at some point said we should, lest we be deemed losers by the ones we are with the other 364 days of the year. What better way to express your love, affection and admiration than to treat that special person in your life to something nice 1/365th of your time together?

I am not a big fan of V-Day (surprise!) To me every day should be about  living in the moment with the one you are with (or want to be with). But V-Day has morphed into yet another unabashed celebration of consumerism (like Christmas) in many American households.

Lucky for me, TB feels the same way. So, imagine my surprise when I found a card and a box of Godiva chocolates on my car seat as I left work last night. I was at the office until just after 8PM since I knew TB was going to be out late volunteering. She must have dropped off the V-Day gift on her way from the office. At first I was miffed because we don’t buy each other stuff for V-Day. But I got over it quickly when I saw it was chocolate due to my affliction.

I read the card which included a touching handwritten note from TB with all those things you know deep down but always good to hear (or read) anyway. Then I was miffed again, feeling like a big loser for not getting her a card or at least leaving a Post-It note. My eyes panned over to the bottom-right of the card where there was another handwritten note with some strange object taped above it. I read the note and, recognizing the object, laughed out loud. (Click the image below to see the note and object for yourself.)

She knows me well...

There may be 364 other days this year for TB and I to express our love, affection and admiration for each other. But it was this Valentine’s Day, exactly 4444 days into our relationship, that she put a huge smile on my face by showing just how well she knows me.

Nvidia is not Ready for Vista

I guess my hunch was right after all (from an earlier “What’s New in Windows Vista?” post):

ATI has been tweaking its video adapter drivers to optimize them for Vista for a very long time and their hardware undergoes significant verification internally as well. Nvidia makes great cards as well but they seem to have lagged ATI this time around. This may just be my flawed perception.

As it turns out, Nvidia has been asleep at the switch in getting their Vista-ready drivers out. What have they been waiting on? I really don’t know. Microsoft did not exactly shock the world by springing Vista on the market at the last minute.

I’m sure some self-proclaimed Micro$oft H8r will find a way to twist this around and blame it on us fine folk here in Redmond, WA, USA.

What should you do if your computer has an Nvidia card? If it is one of the following cards you should be fine as there are “Vista-compatible” drivers available:

  • GeForce 6
  • GeForce 7 Series
  • GeForce 8800
  • GeForce FX Series

If your Nvidia graphics card is not listed above, either be patient or, in true American form, go sue. (I advocate patience.)

How do you find out what video card is in your machine?

  1. Right-click on your Desktop
  2. Choose “Properties” (or “Personalize” then “Display Settings” on Vista**)
  3. Click the “Advanced Settings” button
  4. Look at the “Adapter” tab
  5. If you see any of these models you have an Nvidia card 🙁

** – Uhh, if you are running Vista and can see your desktop your video card is working. :confused:

Vote for Bus Chick

Metroblogging Seattle is running a “Blarch Badness” contest to identify the best blog in Seattle and my good friend and Seattle PI Blogger extraordinaire, Bus Chick, has been selected to participate in the “City Beat” category.

Go rock the vote for her by visiting this post and clicking the appropriate “Vote” button. It only takes a second.

Why vote for Bus Chick? ‘Cause she’s cool and what better way to “talk about the city and its neighborhoods” than being whisked around the greater Seattle area by her King County Metro Transit chariots? Also, I have known her husband, Bus Nerd, almost 13 years and you won’t find two more qualified, dedicated and passionate people to school you on city living, mass transit and making Car-less in Seattle look fabulous.

I Got My Wheels Back

I finally got my car back from the shop yesterday evening. The trunk and rear bumper needed to be replaced following the collision I was involved in last month. I had been driving a rental car, a Chrysler 300, the past 2 1/2 weeks. It’s a nice (big!) car but there is nothing quite like one’s own wheels. The 626 missed me and I missed it so we bonded the entire way home. Zoom zoom!