Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42

That had to be one of the most exciting football games I have ever seen. Not only did The Boise State Broncos stun The Oklahoma Sooners, they also managed to stun everyone watching the game as well.

  • First they let The Sooners come back,
  • then they allowed The Sooners to take the lead near the end of regulation with an ill-timed interception,
  • then they managed to tie the game with a few seconds remaining in regulation with a perfectly timed catch-and-lateral,
  • then they allowed the Sooners to score on a single play to start overtime,
  • then they somehow scored on another trick play on 4th & long.
  • Finally, they put The Sooners away with a gutsy two-point conversion involving some major sleight-of-hand.

Amazing…Crazy, in fact.

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