On Bill Belichick

Today’s Quote of the Day is courtesy of the e-mail discussion alias from my undergraduate living group, http://web.mit.edu/chocolate-city/www/. (Yes, it really does exist and has since 1975.) Though it has been a while since I graduated, the young(er) guys always have interesting opinions which they are always willing to share.

About New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick:

“…what do ya expect from a team whose head coach dresses like a child-molesting ice cream vendor?”

You be the judge…

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick













Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai“Afro Samurai” is a new animated series that comes on Spike TV, Thursdays at 11PM. There have been two episodes so far.

It stars none other than the hardest working man in Hollywood, Mr. “Snakes on a Plane” himself: Samuel L. Jackson. Gator (term of endearment) does the vocals for both the protagonist, Afro Samurai, and his sidekick, Ninja Ninja. Ron Perlman is the voice of Afro’s nemesis, Justice. Justice is called #1 and Afro Samurai is called #2 for the headbands they each wear. I will discuss the headbands shortly.

What do I think after the first two episodes? The series has been entertaining for its storyline, quality animation and absurd anachronism.

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The Abominable Snow

It snowed again here in the Seattle area today. It began around 4PM, and while it wasn’t as cold or quite as bad as the last time, somehow things managed to turn out much worse for me.

I left work “early,” around 4:20PM, to avoid the horrific inclement weather driving abilities of my eastside compatriots, or so I thought. First I present Exhibit A.

Keith's Trip Home - Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Use the numbers in the image to follow along as I share my latest saga of bad weather meets bad drivers…

  1. I inched my car from Building 17 on the main Microsoft campus toward NE 39th Street.
  2. As I prepared to turn right onto NE 39th Street, I was rear-ended by a woman in an SUV (Nissan Pathfinder). I hadn’t even made it off campus!
    • I knew from the impact the SUV did more than just scratch my car (Mazda 626) so I got out to survey the damage. My bumper had a big chunk missing and was badly scratched. Fortunately, there was no major damage, like a displaced trunk, so I threw up a hypothetical high-five to the Mazda engineers.
    • The snow was coming down really hard as I began walking toward the Nissan and I bundled up as best I could. The woman from the SUV approached me as well and asked if I was ok. I replied in the affirmative. As if on cue, she told me she had been pushed into me by the car behind her. I glanced at the car behind her SUV and, sure enough, there was a Ford Escort with a badly damaged front-end. “How in the world do you rear-end an SUV, in an Escort, leaving a parking garage, in a snowstorm, with so much force, that it damages the car in front of it?” I pondered momentarily. The answer (“Horrible Seattle drivers!!!”) was too obvious for me to feign bewilderment.)
    • Nissan Woman and I began approaching the crumpled Escort in true Kool Moe Dee, “Wild Wild West” fashion. Someone had some ‘splainin’ to do. We must have looked menacing. A woman slowly appeared from the driver’s side of the Escort looking Cockeyed & CluelessTM rocking a classic Steve Urkel, “Did I do that?” expression on her face. Nissan Woman looked perturbed. Seeing all the cars and snow pile up ruining any hope I originally had of getting home quickly, I was pissed.

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Gators 41, Buckeyes 14

Wow, I did not expect that. I’m sure, outside the state of Florida, I was not alone.

This year’s BCS was not kind to The Big 10. Michigan, Notre Dame, and now The Ohio State University.

Muchos kudos to Florida. They dismantled Ohio State on both sides of the ball. I couldn’t believe it. That had to be the most boring, lopsided game this year.

At least I have those Boise State Broncos replay reels.

Go Seahawks! (I’m a fair weather fan.)

Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42

That had to be one of the most exciting football games I have ever seen. Not only did The Boise State Broncos stun The Oklahoma Sooners, they also managed to stun everyone watching the game as well.

  • First they let The Sooners come back,
  • then they allowed The Sooners to take the lead near the end of regulation with an ill-timed interception,
  • then they managed to tie the game with a few seconds remaining in regulation with a perfectly timed catch-and-lateral,
  • then they allowed the Sooners to score on a single play to start overtime,
  • then they somehow scored on another trick play on 4th & long.
  • Finally, they put The Sooners away with a gutsy two-point conversion involving some major sleight-of-hand.

Amazing…Crazy, in fact.

In other parts of the Bizarro BCS: Michigan fans, what happened?