One Year on the Job: The Office Move + RC Release

Here I sit on Day 4 of my three week pseudo-vacation which happens to be the one-year anniversary of my move to marketing from engineering. What better way to spend some vacation time than reflecting on ways to wrap-up the longest running and most consistently reported series on my blog (i.e., the “On the Job” posts)?

Rather than attempt to summarize the year in an all-in-one round-up post, I choose to let the individual monthly posts stand on their own. Rather than attempt to portend what the future holds, I prefer to let the future do what it does best which is make liars out of all of us. (Just review my 2006 predictions and resolutions for proof of that last point…my record 2-8-3.)

Instead, I will focus the last post of this series on events that happened today.

The Office Move

People at work who have been at the company at least a year routinely joke about 3 things a new hire is likely to experience more than any other:

  1. A re-org
  2. A change in managers
  3. An office move

The joke is these things, which often happen together or in rapid succession, occur way too frequently in our workplace.

A new hire I am not, but, as luck would have it, our group packed up our offices to prepare for our office move today! I went in on one of my pseudo days off to pack. I’m an old hand at the office move by now so I still had all the boxes from my 4 previous office moves at the ready. The boxes are getting a little wobbly but there is now so much tape on them they are effectively waterproof & bulletproof. I was finished packing in an hour.

I have had an office in “The Building Housing the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything” (Building 42, aka, home of the .NET Development Platform) since 2000. There was a break when I spent about a year in Building 41 from 2002-2003. But, I have called Building 42 home most my career though I have move offices five times within 42 alone.

My new home away from home will be in Building 17. The offices are bigger, the parking is probably a tad worse, and the nearest cafeteria could use a makeover — thankfully there are several others nearby to choose from. In terms of proximity, it is much closer to the Executive Briefing & Conference centers however it is much farther from the engineering teams back in 42 creating the products I market and home to many of my friends.

I’m going to miss 42. Road trip!

RC Release

What more fitting and proper way to end year one than an office move?

How about also shipping the Release Candidate (RC) of the primary product I have focused on during the past year? That’s right. ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 officially hit RC status today as well! Pretty cool. Mental note: Don’t attempt to ship a product while on vacation and during an office — the three are mutually exclusive.

/ / /

I could not have written a better script to the end of my first year and beginning of the next set of challenges and opportunities that await.

In the interest of full disclosure, we did experience a mini re-org back in October which included my return to people management as detailed in the October post. I did not change managers this year so I successfully avoided the dreaded trifecta.

There is always next year…

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