We Got Our Zunes!

TB and I are the proud owners of new brown Zunes courtesy of Best Buy and their 12% Reward Zone discount coupon. We saved $30 per player and got the hottest color just a week following launch. I think this is pretty good considering how quickly the Zunes (especially the brown ones) have sold out locally. (The brown unit is much nicer in real life and its green double-shot (photo) is cooler than I imagined.)

In addition to a whole heap of patience, this endeavor required a trip to Federal Way (70 miles roundtrip) and a little purchase-online-for-in-store-pickup abuse. However, given the time I have had with my Zune so far and TB’s enjoyment as she tinkered with hers, it all seems well worth it so far.

Stay tuned for more details…

Update: Here is the Best Buy 12% Discount Reward Zone coupon I mentioned earlier. The coupon expires on December 4th. Reward Zone membership is free and the coupon is for in-store purchases only (hence the “abuse” mentioned above). See the Reward Zone site for details.

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