The Animal Kingdom – Part 2

I already gave fair warning to avoid playing with wild animals. The cute, “trained” ones in particular.

Did you see the article on MSNBC today? All I could say when I read it was, “Dang! Not Kasatka*, too.”

It is only a matter of time before some poor idiot’s family is on “Larry King Live,” suspended in tearful disbelief, grappling with the reality of a killer whale having actually killed their loved one.

[T]he 30-year-old orca had been performing most of her life and was familiar with the routine…She’s been one of our strongest, most consistent performers…”

Sounds like she’s been setting that fool up for the other routine to me. Don’t sleep.

Kasatka: 1
SeaWorld Trainer: nil

* – One of Shamu’s kin

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