‘Crocodile Hunter’ Killed by Stingray on the Great Barrier Reef

My flight literally just landed in Singapore and I have a 3-hour layover before heading on to Kuala Lumpur.  I found one of the few remaining seats in the Singapore Airlines lounge and, as customary, fired up my laptop in search of complimentary wireless Internet access.  As expected, I wasn’t disappointed considering Singapore is way ahead of the curve in national wireless connectivity.

Anyway, my default homepage is www.msn.com so when my browser loaded I saw a link to the story on ‘Crocodile Hunter,’ Steve Irwin, dying.  Since I have watched his shows in the past and just came from his homeland I decided to give it a quick read to see how he died considering he was not an old guy.

Batt Reef We were just in Cairns under a week ago and we flew over Batt Reef — I included a couple pictures I took (during our flight to Lizard Island) of that section of the reef!

I should mention, while at Lizard Island, TB kept trying to get me to take diving lessons and I had to keep telling her stop playin’.  (I barely like snorkeling or being on a boat as I’ve never been comfortable in the water.)

Hearing how Irwin met his fate by a stingray barb to the heart while Great Barrier Reefdiving on the Great Barrier Reef is stunning considering we were just there.  Thankfully, I didn’t see any stingrays and if there were any in the area they didn’t come into the ankle-deep water I called myself snorkeling in.

This whole story is odd and disquieting since no one ever thinks about this kind of stuff while wading in beautiful water surrounding their beautiful vacation destination.  OK, maybe people like me do but our objections are quickly dismissed in the name of having a good time.  If a professional like Irwin can lose his life swimming with the fishes despite having the best training, staff and equipment, I may have to avoid the aquatic activities altogether in our next outing.  Sand and sun are good enough for me.

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