India Arie – Testimony Vol. 1, Life & Relationship

Testimony Vol. 1, Life & Relationship is India’s heartbreak/heartache album.  No one likes to listen to other people bellyache about relationship problems but no one does it as masterfully as India does with this album.  I almost wish she quickly gets in another relationship and has her heart stomped on again so she can crank out another album as good as this one.  That’s probably wrong of me though so forget I said it.

True fans have to admit she kept her skills bottled up selfishly way too long between her second album, Voyage to India, and this, her third.  Voyage was released way back in 2002.  Perhaps India is on the same release schedule as Microsoft Windows.

I’m not going to bother running down my list of favorite or least favorite tracks.  Being tasked with weeding out bad India Arie songs is like being asked to decide which babies are the ugliest.  Sure there are some flaws here and there scattered across the album but, in diamond terms, let’s say everything is VVS2 and above.