Month Seven on the Job: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I have nothing terribly urgent to report since my “Month Six” post three weeks ago.  The big event since that post was my 8-year anniversary at Microsoft which I already wrote about.

Rather than bore you with 500-1000 words of filler and drivel, I am happy to report things are still going well, still exciting and there’s still a ton to do & learn.  By this time next month I will be preparing for a jaunt around the South Pacific which should provide more than enough to write about in September, Month 9, to make up for the lack of content here in Month 7.  Stay tuned…

Demo: Sharing a Picture via E-mail

Being an avid digital photographer I am often faced with the challenge of quickly sharing the pictures I take with my friends and family.  I own and operate quite a few web sites so, for me, it is more of a question of “quick” and “convenient” vs. “cost” or “access.”

Most people don’t have web sites they can copy their photos to so when faced with the same challenge of sharing their photos they make one of three choices:

  1. Leave the photos on their camera’s (or phone’s) memory card and carry the camera with them for impromptu, in-person slideshows at the next gathering.
  2. Upload their photos to one of the online printing and sharing services (Kodak, Shutterfly, EZPrints, SmugMug or Flickr to name several) which either requires lots of time, account registration, software installation and/or money.
  3. Attach the photos to an e-mail message which is then sent to everyone in their circle.

I have never been a big fan of #1 as memory cards are for storing new photos in my opinion.  I use the services in #2 whenever I order prints.  Some of those services require a monthly subscription or a print order or else the shared photo albums they provide are eventually deleted.  They are still very viable and reliable services, however.  As an Internet purist (in most cases) I absolutely abhor #3.

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