Quote of the Day

Only IT professionals and computer geeks will care about today’s quote but I thought it humorously, accurately and succinctly captures a truism:

Google has product ADD

You should read the article that served as the source of today’s QOTD if you want more context.

My blog will probably be penalized by PageRank as a result of this post. Luckily, MSN Search is getting better each day at least according to my blog stats.

So if Google has product ADD, we need a medical condition for Microsoft that prevents us from shipping on time? How about:

Microsoft has product constipation

Hey, it’s Friday, payday and the end of he fiscal year here at work so I can be a little silly. Speaking of which, I never really cared about fiscal years before moving to marketing. Previously, all I cared about was when/whether there was enough budget to upgrade my machine and my management would reply with something like, “Not until next fiscal year.” Now that I have direct budget responsibilities that has been my canned response the past 4 months.

Apologies to any ADD or constipation sufferers who find this post to be insensitive.