“It doesn’t reek of urine!”

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I have been heads down with work these past couple weeks in ways I’ve never imagined.  My recent, mental and emotional exertion is best captured by the following experience I had at the office just this morning:

I was getting ready to do an important presentation in a conference room full of some very important people here at work and decided to run to the restroom to relieve myself right before showtime.  Now one thing I like about my workplace is how certain things are pretty consistently applied and located on every floor in every building on each campus.  This includes kitchenettes and their supplies, copy rooms, existence of artwork, lighting, etc.  I thought this were true for restrooms as well…I was wrong.

You see, in just about every building I have ever been in — and after 12 years I’ve been in most — the restroom for the ladies/damas is on the right and the one for the men/caballeros is on the left.  Well, in my stress-induced stupor, I did not pay any attention to the small but important fact that the restrooms nearest the conference room were swapped.  Who looks at signs to confirm known knowns anyway?

Well, I barged into the ladies room (which, thankfully, was empty) and the first things I noticed were there were no urinals and the sink area and floor were mysteriously clean.  My second realization, which provided the subject of this post, is what clued me in to my mistake.

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  1. LOL! A book I read recently, Middlesex, is about a hermaphrodite. The main character starts life as a woman, and then, after she hits puberty, becomes a man. One of the first thing she (actually, he) notices about being a man is how utterly foul men’s restrooms are.

    I’m not sure I understand this phenomenon. At MS, there are people who come in and clean those restrooms several times a day.

    P.S. – I did that once (walked into the wrong restroom, that is), but in my case, someone was in there, so I was too mortified to notice any strange smells.

  2. I think the maintenance staff uses urine soaked mops and sponges to clean the men’s rooms. The smell is just too repugnantly pungent to be created through normal use.

    Lucky for you someone was there to scare you away before you were hit by the aroma. Otherwise, you’d be scarred for life. :shocked:

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