Today’s Quotes of the Day are in reference to the television show ’24’ that comes on Fox on Mondays. ’24’ is one of our favorite shows since ‘ER’ has become so horrible over the last 3 years and ‘The Practice’ was canned then morphed into ‘Boston Legal.’

The source of these quotes is an email message I received from a friend with the subject ‘Top One Hundred ’24’ Facts.’ Here are my top 10 from that list:

Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas.

If everyone on ’24’ followed Jack Bauer’s instructions, it would be called ’12.’

Jack Bauer sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

Jack Bauer could strangle you with a cordless phone.

In 96 hours, Jack Bauer has killed 93 people and saved the world 4 times.

When you open a can of whoop-a$$, Jack Bauer jumps out.

Jack Bauer’s calender goes from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Jack Bauer.

People with amnesia still remember Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer uses #1 pencils on standardized tests….Jack Bauer doesn’t associate with anything that is #2.

When someone asks him how his day is going, Jack Bauer replies, ‘Previously, on 24…’


Cheap Gas

It is going to be a long summer for owners of gas guzzlers.  Luckily, my car gets pretty good gas mileage (future post) but current prices in the area are high enough to have TB and me seriously considering taking the bus to work.

It helps that our employer covers the cost of a bus pass so our funds will be protected once the transit authority begins passing its higher fuel costs on to its customers just as the airlines, post office, supermarkets, etc. have been doing as of late.

You can view a custom search on SeattleGasPrices.com that may be useful for anyone who works or lives in the eastern suburbs of Seattle.  The results of that query encompasses the Bellevue-Redmond-Kirkland area.  For gas snobs like myself, here is a search that restricts the results to Unocal 76, Chevron and Shell which are the gas stations I find myself using most often…for now. :sweet:

If you reside in other parts of the U.S. of A., you might start with http://gasbuddy.com/ to lookup prevailing gas prices in your area and, perhaps, save a buck or two.

Back from Nice

Box Head Sculpture - NiceTB and I are both extremely jetlagged and slowly recuperating from the 9-hour time difference between Seattle and Nice. Despite the long hours and distances traveled to reach the French Riviera, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Carlton Hotel - CannesThe weather was great, the people friendly and the memories vivid. One thing that did surprise me was how mediocre the food selection was. There were tons of restaurants and cafes but they all seemed to offer identical menus. Dining quickly became routine & mediocre after suffering through meal after meal featuring one of the three P’s: pasta, pizza or paninis. There is not much variety in any of those items for people who don’t eat beef or pork. Also, the French seem to eat dinner late even by my standards (8PM). I guess it helps that things slow down considerably for about 2 hours mid-day during lunch.

Sculpture in Eze Village

Lastly, I discovered the secret to how the people from a country known for its cuisine and whose language gave us the term laissez-faire stay so thin. In no particular order but each done extensively:

  • Walking (Gas is like $7/gallon over there and 18 is the legal driving age though residents need only be 14 to drive scooters, which many teenagers do like bats out of hell I might add. Even the “aged people” — their term for geriatrics — are out and about looking fabulous.)
  • Smoking cigarettes (Everyone. Everywhere. All. The. Time.)
  • Enjoying life (Long meals, relaxing with friends, appreciating what they have.)
  • Eating small portions very slowly (I have never seen a grown man take so long to eat two scrambled eggs. Of course he smoked about 17 cigarettes while doing so.)

There were no strikes while we were there so I was somewhat disappointed. I’m sure there is nothing like mass demonstrations over labor disputes in a country proud of its work-life balance.

Monastiere de Cimiez