Cheap Gas

It is going to be a long summer for owners of gas guzzlers.  Luckily, my car gets pretty good gas mileage (future post) but current prices in the area are high enough to have TB and me seriously considering taking the bus to work.

It helps that our employer covers the cost of a bus pass so our funds will be protected once the transit authority begins passing its higher fuel costs on to its customers just as the airlines, post office, supermarkets, etc. have been doing as of late.

You can view a custom search on that may be useful for anyone who works or lives in the eastern suburbs of Seattle.  The results of that query encompasses the Bellevue-Redmond-Kirkland area.  For gas snobs like myself, here is a search that restricts the results to Unocal 76, Chevron and Shell which are the gas stations I find myself using most often…for now. :sweet:

If you reside in other parts of the U.S. of A., you might start with to lookup prevailing gas prices in your area and, perhaps, save a buck or two.