Back from Nice

Box Head Sculpture - NiceTB and I are both extremely jetlagged and slowly recuperating from the 9-hour time difference between Seattle and Nice. Despite the long hours and distances traveled to reach the French Riviera, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Carlton Hotel - CannesThe weather was great, the people friendly and the memories vivid. One thing that did surprise me was how mediocre the food selection was. There were tons of restaurants and cafes but they all seemed to offer identical menus. Dining quickly became routine & mediocre after suffering through meal after meal featuring one of the three P’s: pasta, pizza or paninis. There is not much variety in any of those items for people who don’t eat beef or pork. Also, the French seem to eat dinner late even by my standards (8PM). I guess it helps that things slow down considerably for about 2 hours mid-day during lunch.

Sculpture in Eze Village

Lastly, I discovered the secret to how the people from a country known for its cuisine and whose language gave us the term laissez-faire stay so thin. In no particular order but each done extensively:

  • Walking (Gas is like $7/gallon over there and 18 is the legal driving age though residents need only be 14 to drive scooters, which many teenagers do like bats out of hell I might add. Even the “aged people” — their term for geriatrics — are out and about looking fabulous.)
  • Smoking cigarettes (Everyone. Everywhere. All. The. Time.)
  • Enjoying life (Long meals, relaxing with friends, appreciating what they have.)
  • Eating small portions very slowly (I have never seen a grown man take so long to eat two scrambled eggs. Of course he smoked about 17 cigarettes while doing so.)

There were no strikes while we were there so I was somewhat disappointed. I’m sure there is nothing like mass demonstrations over labor disputes in a country proud of its work-life balance.

Monastiere de Cimiez