The Known World

I decided to look into Edward P. Jones’ Pulitzer prize-winning novel, The Known World, after seeing him on an episode of “Oprah” — TB makes me watch. :ashamed: The subject matter of Jones’ first novel, black slaveowners in the American South 20 years before the Civil War, definitely intrigued me so I decided to read it.

“Tour de Force” would not be an exaggeration in describing this work of fiction which, like most novels, is based on many disturbing, real-life events.  At times the scenery, dialog and action is so palpable it seems more documentary or biography than fiction.  Reading the poignant narrative had me at various times recalling the most powerful scenes from “Roots,” “The Color Purple,” “Glory,” “Rosewood” and just about every other movie set immediately before, during, or after that period of American history.