Ninjas & Pirates

Apparently, some jumpy ATF agents thought a guy running around the University of Georgia campus dressed as a ninja was a threat and pounced on him “Cops” style.  The link to this gem of an article was sent to one of the discussion aliases at work today.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The [Wesley Foundation pirate vs. ninja] event is designed as an offbeat way for students to meet others…’Ninjas’ were to say, ‘Hi-YA doing?’ and ‘pirates,’ ‘How arrrrrghhh you doing?’”

My reaction: :sarcastic:

This has to be one of the lamest (I think “offbeat” is a euphemism for “lame”) social networking concepts I have ever read.  It must be slim pickings when college students are seriously “meeting” each other with their faces covered.  They may as well stick to the chat rooms and avoid getting tackled by ATF agents.